The secret women’s club Part II

It was time for the ultrasound.

Her husband was allowed in this time around.

They were gonna check to see if the baby had feet and everything.

The baby was moving and covering his face.

Everything was in the right place.

Everything felt a little safer but it was still 6 months to go.

It was much to see not really a show.

She would wait to tell anyone because things were so scary right now.

People kept talking about quarantine.

How’s it going to affect the baby I mean?

Her husband was delighted he got to see his little baby boy.

He always knew it was a bouncing bundle of joy.

The baby was looking a good size.

Even though Mommy’s stomach barely caught eyes.

Mommy was feeling alright but her clothes were a little tight.

It didn’t feel real yet.

No one had started to fret.

She couldn’t feel the baby.

She wasn’t that sensitive.

On the monitor she could see him he wasn’t pensive.

They had just started a new journey.

It was like getting ready for a tourney.

Check out the secret lives of women podcast here

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