The secret women’s club Part VI

Now she had a baby

And so much pain

How do women do it again?

They forget that their back is messed up

They forget blood is constantly being cleaned up

Some can barely walk

They can’t pick anything up and talk

They can pick up a baby

Who helps them if they’re all alone

If their friends won’t pick up the phone

Good thing she had had her husband there

There was nothing to fear

Sometimes you only have a couple to depend on

The rest are all a con

Thanks to strength and family

Because no one could tell her about this you see

No sleep and pain

Everyday getting up again

To take care of a precious life

So they won’t know strife

How could you work and do this as well

Single moms are making it through hell

But you have the baby to give

To the world because that’s how they’ll live

They have to know how to get along

Because sometimes they don’t know who their among

Movie time

The secret women’s club Part VI

She wasn’t having pain so they had to make it

They waited 2 days and there was no faking it

The pain brought her to her knees

And she said it’s time for the epidural please

The pain was a 10 but it was going to get worse again

She thought she could handle the pain

She could not and so now she could not move

She couldn’t take a shower or get in her groove

The baby had to come out today

So she said let’s get on our way

She pushed real hard and the baby was here

The baby came out without any fear

She had to wear that mask

So she had to get the baby out fast

She had some stiches you know

But the pain hadn’t started yet, so

She was feeding the baby

And everything was ok maybe

Diamonds or Light the Movie

The secret women’s club Part V

Now it’s month eight

The biggest problem is the weight

But she goes in to the doctor

And it’s like she’s looking at a proctor

Your blood pressure is high

We have to check why

She’s sitting waiting for 2 hours

Her husband is outside wondering what’s going on

She finally told him come on

She asked if she could go home

The nurse said something that made her moan

She might have the baby today

The baby can’t stay in there any way

So her husband came up just in time

She has to have the baby she’s not really fine

She had a headache

She didn’t think much of it oh sake

Now she’s getting a room

To have the baby soon

She really doesn’t have any idea what she’s in for

Women don’t talk about it anymore

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