In Mesopotamia Gilgamesh is half god and half man. He is the most handsome man. He wreaks havoc in the town fighting and conquering the women. The people are upset and ask the gods to do something about it. The gods create Enkidu so Gilgamesh has a match. Enkidu is almost as strong as Gilgamesh, but when they fight Gilgamesh wins. Gilgamesh and Enkidu travel and have to fight Humbaba so they can be remembered throughout history. They defeat him. A god sends down the sacred bull. Enkidu and Gilgamesh kill it. The goddess of love tries to seduce Gilgamesh, but he does not marry her. One of them has to die for killing the sacred bull and it is Enkidu. He is poisoned. Gilgamesh searches for immortality. He meets Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim says humans cannot be immortal but he was granted immortality after a flood that wiped away most of mankind.

Gilgamesh has similarities to the bible and greek mythology even though many will say that they cannot be correlated. God didn’t just come to the Hebrew people. God comes in many forms to all people. We have God within us. We are all one? Are you willing to accept the divine intervention in your life whether it is an earthquake, a flood, love, synchronicities, peace, war, or immortality?

Discussion of a Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare

Fairies and Cupids intervene in our love lives causing chaos that we believe are only dreams.

Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena in their dreams.

Lysander and Hermia are going to run away together until Lysander is sprinkled with fairy dust and now loves Helena.

Puck has messed up and he corrects his mistake so Demetrius and Helena can be together.

So at first Demetrius is running from Helena and then they are in love.

What if the dream was real and no one ever made it because cupid crossed his bows?

Fire and Snow

Fire and snow
Which way do we go
Fire and snow
Only one glows

Fire and snow at a balance is perfect health
My love for you hid in stealth
I didn’t know it was you
but when I listened to your voice I knew
You were the truth that I had been waiting on
You were the reason my heart beat a song

When I felt your frequency
I knew it was in line with me
I have loved you In and out of time
At least seven winds
Are we heading to completion
Because I do not believe in deletion

Right now the fire is low
But I’m waiting for you to show
The signal so I know which way to go
The snow is too high but the fire is nigh
The stars are in your eyes I’ve surmised
They could only fit in the deepest skies

You’ve awakened me out of the snow
My love has a rare glow
I couldn’t understand what was going on
I knew that it couldn’t be wrong
But you took so long
I carried on

But my heart cried
My soul lied
And I continued to hide
Until I could abide
With my side
That I’ve known before you tried

I breathe you and need you
But I waited for you to claim the prize
That I didn’t know I had inside
You showed me the way and I recognized
That I still have the fire but you have the spark
And I cannot move or start without you in my heart

Discussion of Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Janie’s grandmother wants her to be secure and marries her off to Logan, a much older man. Janie’s light is diminished because she has to do what Logan tells her. She has to work in the potato field. Joe thinks a woman shouldn’t have to work in the field. She should sit on the porch fanning herself. Janie likes the way Joe talks. She runs off with Joe, but he forces her to submit to him and work in the store. Janie is good at keeping up appearances, but as Joe gets sick she begins to stand up for herself. Joe cannot allow Janie to take care of him because then he is weak. Joe passes away and Janie gets the chance to be herself.

Janie meets Tea Cake who is her true love. He allows her to be herself. Tea Cake knows that Janie is the prize and she is her own person. She can uncover her hair and wear it anyway she likes. He isn’t telling her what to do. Everyone thinks Tea Cake will run off with her money, but Jane loves him without hesitation.

Their Eyes Were Watching God details a journey of love with all the mistakes that Janie makes to find love and herself. Zora Neale Hurston writes to make you grasp the two worlds where some of us live. There’s a world of people who are code -switching regularly and Zora Neale Hurston masterfully illustrates how to communicate on both sides. She can captivate the audience of average people, country people, and well-educated people. She has the ability to eloquently communicate across generations. Zora Neale Hurston amazes me with her ability to create a story that has so many timeless lessons.

Zora Neale Hurston’s Barnard education shows through each book she writes. We have to accept her literary genius and being able to enroll at a university that wasn’t admitting African-Americans. She will always be remembered as an extraordinary talent.

Discussion of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Heathcliff and Catherine are twin flames that cannot escape one another. Catherine and Heathcliff grow up together and love each other, but Heathcliff doesn’t have any status so Catherine cannot marry him. Catherine marries Edgar and still loves Heathcliff. She has a child and later dies. Even in death Heathcliff and Catherine are together. She wanders the house as a ghost and Heathcliff continues to talk to her.

Heathcliff has a child as well and kidnaps Catherine’s child to marry his son. Heathcliff and Catherine’s love story is one that doesn’t end. Nothing can separate them or their passion.

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