I’m working on positivity

We’re not cool if you don’t have any for me

I could live on positivity

I’m seeing a lot of the opposite

So I just keep it away from me

Positivity is keeping me going

You aren’t and you’re not knowing

How much I could without your clouds

I’ve seen enough clouds that I’m through with the shade

I’m sitting on my porch drinking lemonade

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We’re trying to save ourselves

We’re trying to save ourselves

For so long we’ve needed help

If there’s any help it’s coming now

Cause some of us don’t know how

We’re going to make it through a time without support

How to make it through a time without work

If God cared he’d intervene

He wouldn’t let us be homeless

You know what I mean

We’re still trying without any means

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All obstacles are out of my way

If you cause any they are over today

I don’t have to worry about

The problems you cause

They all just pause

It is time for the wrongs to be right

It’s not even a fight

All obstacles are out of my way

Because today is the day

Peaceful bubble

We are in a peaceful bubble

You’re not allowed because you are trouble

If life is great

I’m not going to test fate

If I haven’t talked to you in years

Don’t worry I’m not about to shed any tears

I’m going to stay in my bubble because it’s safe

It’s been 15 years since I felt that this is the only place

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