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So I’m using missing lettr to share my blog posts on social media and it makes 10 posts automatically for any account you choose. Check it out here. They have free and paid plans.

I use page speed insights on Google to see how my page loads. 90 and above is good. You can use pictures, just make sure they aren’t too big. You can check your website on mobile or desktop.

Subscribe for my exclusive poetry collection for $1-5 a month.

I have a new Kindle Vella series Not all Diamonds Are Real. Kindle Vella allows you to write your stories in chapters. I have finished the series with a happy ending.

I use Canva to make logos, posters for book signings, and sales post.

I’m offering book reviews for $30. Email your request for reviews and a brief synopsis of the book to and I will reply in 2 days.

Thanks for reading

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