Diamonds or Light Part I

Are you ready to take an out-of-this-world journey with Brenda? Diamonds or Light will transport you to a strange new planet and leave you wondering whether the distant world is worth the cost of leaving Brenda’s family behind. How far would you go for your dreams? With Diamonds or Light, you’ll be so engrossed in Brenda’s alien adventure. Join her on a journey as she navigates the alien planet and discovers what it truly means to be home.

Now on Kindle Vella


One response to “Diamonds or Light Part I”

  1. Kik maximum hanglejtéssel, hang effektekkel fejezik ki magukat szavakkal maximum utànzàsra képesek, aminek se belsőjükhöz, se a szituációhoz, se semmi hez köze nincsen…A vilàgos, érthető fogalmazàs ezért van felettük.

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