Dioramas Updates


I finished my diorama. I decided to include two buildings and a fountain. I made a scene with two people playing a sport. Can you guess which sport it is?  Can you guess what the buildings are? I enjoyed making the diorama, but it was not that easy. Sometimes things fell apart or didn’t work out like I thought.

So I’m making a diorama. I just had the idea to make a diorama. I’m learning new techniques. A diorama is a model with three-dimensional figures.  I’m starting by making a park. I’m painting a lake in the middle of the park. You can use acrylic paint like this kind. I am looking at different paint brushes as well. You can make waves with toilet paper. There are so many techniques to make water and I’m exploring them. You will need some glue. I guess you could use some other kind like expo or something. I think a glue gun will work if you don’t have too many heavy pieces. Everything needs a base to start on whether it’s wood or styrofoam.

I’m always working on new crafts and now I’m making a diorama. It is fun and I love learning new things. I am watching videos to find out what kind of materials I need. I  know that I need paint and little trees, and a couple buildings. The diorama could have different purposes such as showing a historical scene for a class, preparing a set for a film, or creating a model for a project.

I could use some clay to make objects in my diorama, but I do not have any clay making skills. I haven’t used clay much as an adult, so I’m getting more buildings.

You can start off with the lowest levels of the diorama first. I’m making a park so the lowest level is the water, then the grass, and sidewalks. The next level consists of buildings and trees. I should put some birds in the park. I’m still considering if I should put people.

So, I definitely feel like after all the work that I put into the diorama, I should display it somewhere. I don’t even know where I’m going to display it. I hope it comes out well. I’m excited to see how everything looks.

I’m also looking into many different types of dioramas to see how they look, new techniques and tools.


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      Diamonds or Light Books

      They have snow pickleball? Pretty close.

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