Candle Kits

So I was trying to find a kit to make candles and I found this one for kids. It is an all natural kit using bees wax. It is so cool. It has little ideas of ways to use the kit. It comes with rolls of beeswax, cutters, and colorful wax crayons to decorate the candles.

Bees Wax is all natural and it doesn’t have any toxic chemicals that you may find in other crafts. I remember as kids we used to eat those wax pieces for halloween. I wouldn’t recommend that you eat the wax, but it is good to know that it it non toxic. It doesn’t come with any waste products. All the materials are used in the candle making process.

It is pretty easy to make the candles. You just have to roll up the candles and decorate them. They even come with little bees so you put those on the candles.

You can get the kits here and they ship fast

These kits make a good gift or fun project to with your children to keep them from so much screen time.

They also have adult kits with different aromas.


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