Give a gift with meaning

Diamonds or Light Books is a reading club that has books for all readers.

We publish books for the pleasure of reading.

Diamonds or Light Books reads novels, poetry and stories by writers who share our passion for writing and publishing beautiful books – for the pleasure of reading.

Inspire the world with poetry.

Share your thoughts and inspire others to find their voice with words. Express yourself and share your ideas with poetry books that connect us all through the power of verse.

Take a break from reality.

Ever wanted to escape the rigors of everyday life? Escape into a fantasy by reading our romance novels. Our novels take you into different worlds and send you on adventures with characters that are sure to captivate your heart.

Read the stories we’ve all been waiting for.

Coming of age stories that we can all relate to, told by those who have lived them. Diamonds or Light Books discusses verse and prose that speak to the human experience with honesty, insight, and humor.

Discover a world of books today.

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