Embraced by the Light Discussion

So this is a discussion of Embraced by the Light. I’m also discussing Glitch Monday Sept 25th on Instagram at lightcoo21. Check out the excerpt from the new book Diamonds or Light.

Chapter 2

So the Book by Betty J. Eadie details her experiences with Near Death Experiences. It appears that she details more than one. One is as a child and it is very short. She has another NDE at an older age and she talks to God. She asks a lot of questions. Do people have that much time to ask so many questions in a NDE?

Chapter 3

Betty has so many questions to ask. Her curiosity comes in handy even though in life it burdens some of her family members. It seems like God loves everything about her. So many NDE’s talk about a feeling unconditional love.

The communication in NDE’s that Betty Eadie describes is telepathic and empathic. You can see and feel thoughts. Betty can communicate without a word coming out of her mouth.  In NDE’s many people do not have brain function , but their communication and intelligence surpasses anything that they have experienced in their lives.

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