Newsletter January 9th, 2022

Hello Diamonds This week I am reading Science Comics: Volcanoes by Jon Chad because I taught science and I wanted to see if the information was accurate for children to read. It has great information infused throughout the story.

Check out Charles Bastille’s Magicland. A romance featuring magic and technology.

My latest poem is I met the man of my Dreams.

I met the man of my dreams.

It was when things were bad. I felt quite sad.

I wasn’t looking for him. There was something about him.

He made me laugh and smile.

When I had so many things going on the whole while.

The thing is it was only a dream

I may not be able to achieve it, it seems.

I’m also looking for reviews for my upcoming book Diamonds or Light. It is a romance with a little time travel. Review my book on story origin  here.

I posted the latest horoscopes. You can get your own reading here.

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