Diamonds or Light Chapter 5 part III

Kelly and Emily

Emily began begging her mother to go to the states. She had never been and she hadn’t been to her dad’s house in so long. Xander thought it was a good idea for them to take a summer vacation out to the states. Emily was so excited, but she was not prepared for what she found.

The family was going to spend two weeks in Oakland, CA. They were visiting Kelly’s friends and Emily’s father. They spent time at Lake Merritt. It was so beautiful after they remodeled it and it was clean. Everyone was out there enjoying the sunshine. There were people running and having barbecues. Most of the people looked like they were having picnics. A lot of Kelly and Christian’s family had moved out of the bay area because it was so crowded and expensive. They couldn’t visit too many people and they didn’t recognize a lot of the people. Many of the people were transplants from other countries. Emily would never know the bay area as her parents and grandparents remembered it. They told her stories of all the fun they had, but it really didn’t look like a place they could have lived in most of their lives.

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